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Charles Chang

TLC Products, Inc.


Charles Chang, from his earliest days in the cosmetics industry as a packaging engineer and later as president of Topline Products, was a pioneer in introducing packaging solutions from Asia to North America and among the first to combine that manufacturing with filled cosmetics. His current business, TLC Products Inc., has successfully developed a commercial production process to produce graphene composites from graphite and resin directly. He is a creative innovator, obtaining more than 30 utility patents worldwide.

Charles has a MS in Chemical Engineering, MS in Packaging Science and Engineering, an MBA, and an APC in Marketing from various US universities. In 2017, he started TLC Products, Inc. to commercialize the graphene composite technology patented by Rutgers University. He was inducted into the prestigious Packaging Hall of Fame in 2007 by the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club, received the distinguished Asian Business Leadership Award in 2009 from the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce and Wells Fargo Bank. In 2014, he received the esteemed Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

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